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4th Travel Log from China

I’m a bad person. After having spent so much time in the mountains, desert and off the beaten track I suppose it was to be expected. I just couldn’t hack having 1.3 billion Chinese around me and in the airport on my way to Beijing it boiled over. There I...

3rd Travel Log from China

Good news and bad news … I found Kashmir and the Pakistani border,but was outfoxed by Osama. I have a feeling I was hot on his trail, but I was left in the dust. So it looks like I won’t be able to claim the reward money of whatever ridiculous sum his...

2nd Travel Log from China

I have by now gotten out of the LBB Bar in Ningbo (though I was a frequent visitor up until I left on Sunday). My time in Ningbo and Zhoushan was excellent. Not very historic…well, I did see a Buddha painted on a mountain wall, but I got to hangout with Jacob...
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