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Some images from the Caribbean

A lot of people have asked me to post some pictures from the Caribbean. I’ll start with a small video taken when I took Marcus and Morten, two friendly Swedes I met in a bar in Le Marin, for a little cruise on my boat. This is the first swim I took in the...

Another Day in Paradise

I’m currently anchored in Prince Rupert Bay in Dominica. I would go ashore and explore the rainforest if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s pouring down. I know it’s a bit ironic, but I’m not talking about some light drizzle, it is...

Blue Monday

After a great 2008 with many ups and a few downs and a sensational exit out of it, 2009 has come to hit me in the face. It feels like getting fired on a Monday after a particular festive weekend. There are many reasons for this, chief amongst them that Lauren and I...
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