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Hard work on Aruba

What’s missing from this trolley?Answer: Petar’s backpack (The one in the picture is mine).So Petar spent his first exciting hour on Aruba filling out a lost luggage report.Having overcome that hurdle, we jumped into an incredibly overpriced taxi to Aruba...

Fort Lauderdale

After a nice and non too strenuous flight (we basically slept the whole way, owing to the late night in Lisbon) we finally got to the Sunshine state. The next 6 days was spent sight-seeing, going to museums and … I can’t think of a third lie … hmmm...

The adventure has started

Petar and I finally walked off the Vision of the Seas at 12:45 on November 19th. Needless to say it felt great to be off what by now felt like a prison. Doing an 8 month contract is not to be recommended. Having said that, I still had a lot of fun, but I was very...
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