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Sailing through Venezuela

The stay on Las Aves was sensational. It had everything a good anchorage should have: A deserted island with a beautiful beach, nice scenery, stunning sunsets and spectacular snorkling. We had made a deal with Ian and Westa, so the first evening we enjoyed a fantastic...

Otto is back

The sun had just dipped under the horizon when Claudia released the mooring lines and I reversed one engine and put the other one forward, spinning us on the spot and turning our aft end to Bonaire. This was to be the big test to see how things would work. We have a...


I enjoyed my last night alone onboard, before the next day started flat out. I had Claudia joining later in the day and had some things to take care of first, because the following day I would leave Curacao with a charter going to Bonaire and the plan was not to...

Ups and downs

Today is the last day I am alone on board the boat, hopefully for a long time. I’ll get back to why later. First I want to look at how my time on Curacao has gone since the last charter was over. When the family of 5 walked ashore, they gave me a few touching...

2nd Charter

The second charter has gone smoothly. After a great little stop on Klein Curacao, we hit Bonaire and ended up staying there for 5 days. My charter guests really enjoyed Bonaire. They rented a car for a couple of days and drove around getting properly familiar with the...
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